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Since 2006 until today, Santiago R. Villa develops art for advertising, videogames, animation, and comics, highlighting the graphic novel trilogy of "The Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy" (2009-2013), published by Dark Horse Comics, and his original graphic novel "Realms of The Void" (2019), published in Argentina independently .

In 2010 he becomes Co-founder and Art Director of the videogame company "Okam Studio", where he works in a number of publications until 2018, such as "Metegol: A Pura Garra" (Yuisi), "Último Carnaval" (Square Enix Latam), "The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy" (Deep Silver), based on the homonym comic book, and "RoV: Tactics", based also on the homonym comic book.


In between 2020-2022, San worked with GMR Globant and its partners in a number of titles: "NFL:Clash", published by Nifty Games, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Splintered Fate", developed with and published by SuperEvil MegaCorp, "Power Rangers : Morphin Legends" developed with and published by nWay Inc, company where he would work independently afterwards during 2023 during the early access of the game. During that time he also worked on the art direction of the children animated docu-series "Dino Pops", with Ketama Collective for NBC & Peacock.

Today, SRVilla works also as an independent Creative and Art Director with clients such as Riot Games, the company with which he works in the promotional art of "League of Legends" for Latin America and the world; place where he created animated films for the game shows while also created the ongoing series of humor comic strips of "ResúmemeLLA", since 2021 to this day.

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