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LoL "Callouts" 2022-2024

Mini clips for the broadcast of League of Legends leagues around the globe. (2019)

Direction & Production. Art & Animation Direction. Storyboarder, Concept Artist, Backgrounds Artist & Compositor.

Developed for LCS, MSI and Worlds Cups during October 2022 'till February 2023. These animated videos were (and still are) used to feature the kills of all the creatures of the rift that are defeated during competitive matches.

Produced by SRVilla & Sense of Wonder


Riot Accountables: Anthony Rogers, Matt Dickey

Exec Production: SRVilla, Javier Anaya & Martina Sottile

Coordination: Azul Sierra
Creative Direction: SRVilla
Artists: Sebastian Semproni, Facundo Ramos Mejía, Diego Martinez, Santiago Bembihy, Yei Bodmer
3D Animation: Oscar Hector Castro Ignacio Lavizzari
Rigging: Nicolas Iturre, Dario Lucero
Backgrounds and Composition: SRVilla

A good part of the documentation created for the character development, describing, in an inspirational way, the desired changes on the character looks while giving some liberty to 3D artists play with it, although helping with the diffuse painting to guarantee the established visual target.

We also had the opportunity of working on a reskin for Baron Nashor and Rift Herald on their 2024's new versions.

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