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LoL "Callouts" 2019

Mini clips for the broadcast of League of Legends leagues around the globe. (2019)

with Riot

Direction & Production. Art & Animation Direction.

This animated videos are used to feature the kills of all the creatures of the rift that are killed during competitive matches. It started as a small project for the latin-american leagues but it quickly started to be used all around the world and now is cannon for all competitive matches.

Riot Team Creative Direction: Mariano Sorrentino & Javier España
Directed & Produced: SRVilla
3D Art Lead and Lighting: Santiago Perez Maccari
3D Art Ad: Tatiana Pirogovsky
3D Animation: Oscar Hector Castro
Rigging: Nicolas Iturre
Diffuse Paint: Rodrigo Vega
Backgrounds and Composition: SRVilla

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