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ResúmemeLLA | (since 2021)

with Riot Games

Using memes as a device, we highlight the most remarkable (or fun!) narrative from every week on the league and we create a comic strip where the meme characters are incarnated as the team's mascots.

Torneo Apertura (2021)

First season, introducing mascot avatars: Kaos Latin Gamers (KLG), Xten Esports (XT), Furious Gaming (FG), Isurus Gaming (ISG), All Knights (AK), Estral Esports (EST), Infinity Esports (INF) and Rainbow 7 (R7).

Torneo Clausura (2021)

Season two. Same characters, but INF, the Apertura champion, got "buffed".

Torneo Apertura (2022)

Season three. This time introducing new characters after 2021 Promotion/Relegation phase, incorporating Globant Emerald Team (GET), Aze Esports (AZE) but missing Furious Gaming (FG) and Kaos Latin Gamers (KLG).

Torneo Clausura (2022)

Fourth season, with same characters but returning INF to its previous form after losing its champion's status to Aze Team (AZE), showcasing its new design as the new buffed champion.