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RoV Tactics | Turn Based Strategy RPG based on the "Realms of The Void" universe.

Developed and published by Okam Studio.

Executive Production. Creative Direction. Art & Animation Direction. Character & Background Design. Branding.

"Realms of the Void" is a sci-fantasy universe I created back in 2012 for video games, comics, and animation. I've been working on it for many years now and with Okam we worked on the development of an amazing game. The game has a strong connection with the graphic novel "Realms of the Void: Book I" that will be released on 2018.

"Realms of the Void" mobile game by Okam Studio is a turn-based, tactical RPG set in a world where fantasy and sci-fi collide. It offers a wide variety of colorful characters, with different abilities and functions, that offer a great variety of approaches for the player to choose their own strategy. Its basics are easy to learn, but the game offers a great deal of depth to play with. The cell shaded characters compliment the different battlefields, and burst in personality when they appear in their hand-drawn portraits. Can you amass a force to bring you victory and restore peace to the Void? + 30 Heroes to Promote! + 60 Settings to Discover! + 100 Missions to Complete! + Compete with your Friends on Online and Local PVP Battles!

Some Vis-Dev sheets on characters and battle-board environments.

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