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Último Carnaval | Puzzle RPG for mobile devices. (2011)

Developed by Okam Studio and published by Square Enix Latam.

Executive Production. Art & Animation Direction. Character Design. Branding.

Teaser and Gameplay Trailer.

"Ultimo Carnaval" by Okam Studio is a F2P Puzzle RPG, first published by Square Enix Latam and currently off-market (sadly).

There was a lotta love invested in this one, with an original universe created within the walls of the studio and with almost full creative freedom.

In this game, as in every Okam's project, I directed the art obsessively; but in this one particularly, I did every character and background design with a lot of love and (again) obsession of care. It was a struggle that I regret and miss at the same time. In this Behance project I show off a little bit of the first gameplay trailer and the graphics for social media coverage and store showcasing.

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